Freshers’ 23: How to win students from day one

Freshers, the highlight of the student calendar, presents a golden opportunity for brands to make a strong first impression, win students over and forge long-term connections that extend far beyond their university years. With our network of 200+ D6 screens located in student accommodation across 40+ UK cities, you can start conversations with students the moment they embark upon their university journey.

The Opportunity

Our network provides an exclusive opportunity for brands to get in front of students right from the moment they step into their new homes, before their courses have commenced. 

But, why do first impressions matter?

First impressions leave lasting impressions. As students arrive at their accommodation, they are filled with enthusiasm and a receptive mindset for new experiences. By showcasing your brand at this pivotal stage, you can establish a positive connection and make a long-term impact. 

Why Freshers?

🧑🏼‍🤝‍🧑🏽 – Students are open-minded and receptive to new experiences – 82% of students view Freshers’ as an opportunity to engage with brands that cater to their interests

🤝 – Long-term impact – 70% of students form strong brand preferences during Freshers’ week, and 40% of them are likely to remain loyal to those brands throughout their university years and beyond

💸 – For many, this period signifies their first experience of having disposable income

🏠 – Students are seeking products and services that facilitate their transition to independent living

📈 – Highest rate of engagement

🛍️ – Students spend more during this period than any other in the student calendar

Students continue to exhibit increased spending during the Freshers’ period, observed over the past three years. In 2019, spending amounted to £368, rising to £406 in 2020, and reaching £421 during Freshers’ week in 2021, compared to £235 in a typical week.

 Our Audience vs General Population

Working closely with our accommodation partners, we have access to a demographic breakdown of students residing in all our locations. Overall, our audience, both domestic and international, exhibit a higher disposable income compared to the general student population.

The combination of excitement from their first loan drop and the desire to make the most of their new surroundings leads to higher expenditures on products and social activities.

Our screens are located in the highest footfall areas of student accommodation, delivering 1M+ daily impressions.

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