Revolutionising Student Halls Advertising.

We are the UK’s leading DOOH network in University accommodation, changing the way brands communicate with Gen-Z. Our platform provides advertisers with a unique opportunity to reach students in the comfort of their own home, rather than when they are on the move.

A Premium Environment.

We operate in premium student accommodation buildings with state-of-the-art facilities including gyms, study areas & cinema rooms, meaning students spend more time here than anywhere else.

Receptive to Advertising.

This environment isn’t only where students spend most of their time, it’s their comfortable, safe space without all of the distractions of campus life.

This is where key student decisions are made; jobs are hunted for, events are planned, outfits are shopped for, and Netflix asks “Are you still watching?”

Repeat Exposure.

Receptions, lift lobbies and parcel collection points – we’ve got you covered. On average, a student will see our screens 8 times a day, meaning you have the opportunity to take students on a journey with your brand.


Our partnership with DataJam unlocks exciting insights for advertisers to measure performance and optimise their campaigns, such as live-time unique footfall and impressions, all of which are included in a tailored closing campaign report.

Oh, and we also provide an audience breakdown within buildings to maximise campaign effectiveness.

Your Brand at their Fingertips.

An exciting new interactive customer journey tool to start conversations on ideas, products and offers directly with Gen-Z via our touch-screen feature. 

This premium slot offers complete exclusivity meaning students can only engage with chosen call-to-action links through your artwork and yours alone.

So, where can we advertise?

We have a network of eye-catching digital screens located in various high footfall and extensive dwell-time areas within large, city-centre and on-campus student accommodation sites across the U.K.

Did you know?

University students in the UK spend over £900 million every year, excluding rent.

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